Kundalini Global changed my life drastically.

I believe it can change yours too.

Amongst the many benefits that I have experienced, my stress levels have gone down, I feel more connected and happier than ever, and most importantly I have discovered radical self love, my inner negative chatter has been eliminated and of course my strength and flexibility have greatly improved.

At the moment there is one zoom class every Wednesday at 19.15 taught in Greek.

Kundalini has some significant benefits, some of them are:

Stress regulation
eep improvement
Improves cognitive functioning
Boosts self-perception and self-appreciation 

Body posture
Builds strength

Improves flexibility
Connection with the inner self
Empathy and mindfulness
It helps with addictive behaviour

Helps ease stress and anxiety 
Helps with period and menopause pain

After some time of practice you will notice changes from how you walk to how you think about yourself, how you manage difficult and stressful situations more composedly and how you can focus and enjoy the present moment.
Welcome! My name is Eleni.

I am a Kundalini Global Yoga Teacher, Somatic Therapist in training, Reiki Healer (2nd degree), a singer / songwriter and my pronouns are: she and her.

My life journey!

From a young age I tried to belong, tried to fit into moulds that had nothing to do with my own shape. To exist in worlds that were inhospitable to my own taste and still, many times, I tried to fit in. I tried so hard to fit in..
At times, it would feel as if my clothes couldn’t bear me anymore, my flesh didn't fit me and I just wanted to leave my body to stay away from it all. I often hated myself for not being able to make it, not being able to change who I was.
Yet, I found the strength to stay and fight. I fell many times, but thankfully I always stood up.
Over the years, I realised that what you are, whatever this is, is your gift. The more curious and different you are, the more creative you can make the world around you. I also realised that what you go through can help you see the world from a different perspective -that of protectiveness and empathy. Understanding that you are here not to become famous or big, but you are in this world to offer, help and create. And that's what will make you really happy.
Western society teaches us that we always have to run, to strive to have it all and to be superhuman on the altar of money, "success" and "perfection." And we finally forget who we truly are, why we came to this world and what makes us really happy.
I'm not perfect, and I don't believe there's perfection in the way that many define it. Like the popular saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On the contrary, mistakes, difficulties, falls are what make you just understand others, maybe feel their pain and their truth.
My classes are for everyone and I teach through the lens of a human being rather than that of perfection. We're not machines, we're not super heroes (at least not the way society demands), so we don't have to be flexible, or spiritual, or Super Wow! The only thing we need to have is a body and your magic mat/carpet or something soft to lie on!
You are welcome to come in with all your anxieties, phobias, all your doubts, all your darkness and we will discover together a way to experience a few minutes of peace and quiet in this seemingly complex world!
Because yes, we can change how we feel.
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What is Kundalini Global?

Kundalini Global is a completely new form of Kundalini Yoga that works with the stress system to land you into presence. It is a spiritual practise that is informed by up-to-date physiological, psychological, anatomical and neuroscientific theory and research into the body and mind.

It was founded by Carolyn Cowan, a yoga teacher and teacher trainer with decades’ worth of experience who is also a therapist, specialising in trauma, anxiety, addiction, shame, pre-and-postnatal issues and more.

Carolyn wanted to create change in how teachers view their role, a training that encouraged extremely well-informed, open-minded, and inclusive teachers with excellent boundaries, and a form of yoga that was kinder, more accessible, and much less alienating that some of what she (and very many others) had experienced elsewhere.

Kundalini Global invites you to come out of a transcendent relationship to the world and recognise that you can take responsibility for yourself.

A Kundalini Global teacher is a guide not a guru. Classes aim to familiarise you with your own strength, with your own potency, with your own ability to change how you feel.

Kundalini Global is open-minded and inclusive in its approach to posture, breath, music, mantra and, most importantly, to you.

We work to be inclusive in all aspects of how we approach teaching yoga, from what we say to how we dress to how we work with posture.

As teachers we are supervised, working on a commitment to be self-reflective and not self-obsessed and to notice where our binary thinking, stories, experiences and cults of thought trip us up and limit the inclusiveness of what we offer.

Find out more here: ​Kundalini Global​​​

Is Kundalini Global Linked To Other Forms of Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Global is a radical rethinking of many more traditional forms of Kundalini Yoga.

And there are many forms of Kundalini yoga. You may be aware of the Kundalini shaking taught by Osho or, go to Rishikesh, and you will find hundreds of different schools. There is an ancient form of Kundalini Yoga which the now denigrated Yogi Bhajan took and attached to a form of neo-Sikhism.

Kundalini Global is a new way. Teachers are free to dress how they want to, use what music works for them, and make the practises unique to them.

Teachers are also taught about and encouraged to deepen their understanding of as many spiritual and religious belief systems as possible, to continually test and broaden our awareness in our striving to be radically inclusive.

That is not to say that, by not aligning ourselves with any one belief system, our practice is approached in an entirely pragmatic way. We each bring different lenses to our teaching, but understand and hold the sacred aspect of our practice.

For us, what we do, what we show up for, what we are in service to offer as yoga teachers, goes very far beyond the ‘poses.’ We believe that everyone can have a very profound and deep experience of their relationship to the Divine, in whatever form they believe it to take, by finding immanence within themselves.

We bow, with love, respect, and gratitude, to the Divine, at the opening and closing of every class. This is the container within which the entirety of what we offer in our classes is held.